Flights to Iceland

Icelandair has new destinations in 2014


Icelandair is your airline if you’re looking for one-stop transatlantic flights to Iceland. It dates back to 1937 and currently serves over 2,000,000 travelers per year.

Icelandair has new destinations in 2014

  • Edmonton, province of Alberta, Canada
    From the 26th of March and past the year of 2014/2015 you can hop to Iceland from Edmonton. There will be 4 flights a week. Icelandair is testing this route but hopes to be able to offer flights to Edmonton all-year-around later on.
  • Vancouver, Canada
    From the 13th og May to the 12th of October, there will be 2 flights a week between Vancouver and Iceland. This route will add great possibility for better connection between Canada and the Nordics.
  • Geneva, Switzerland, Europe
    From the 24th of May to the 23rd of September, there will be 2 flights a week between Geneva and Iceland. Geneva is located in the western part of Switzerland, close to the boarder of France. Most of the passengers flying from Geneva will be people visiting Iceland.

Other facts about Icelandair

  • Estimated increase in travellers between years is 350,000.
  • They have added three Boeing 757 aircrafts to their fleet
  • The operation has doubled over a period of 5 years

Icelandair’s other destinations

Icelandair has direct flights to 38 destinations. Many of them are in Europe. To name few of the US destinations, they fly to: Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Orlando, New York, Boston and Halifax. Apart from that, they have a destination in Alaska and Toronto, Canada. See their website for more details.

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