Flights to Iceland

Find cheap flights to Iceland

Want to find cheap flights to Iceland? Don’t worry, the days when finding cheap flights to Iceland were a tricky ordeal are long gone. A few clicks on the internet make it possible to see all the bargain flights Iceland offers.


With a wide variety of airlines such as Icelandair, WOWair and a number of foreign airlines flying between the Atlantic island and many international destinations, there is constant competition for the best flights; Iceland will be the same whoever you choose to travel with.

How to find the cheap flights to Iceland

Not only can travellers book flights directly through WOWair and Icelandair’s websites but also through an ever expanding number of flight search engines that will tell you exactly when Iceland Express is cheaper than Icelandair and vice versa! Flight search engines make it quick and easy to pick and choose between different travel dates and flights.

Finding cheap flights to Iceland is not rocket science and it doesn’t require advanced computer skills either!

The first airline in Iceland, Icelandair, has operated since 1937
and currently serves over 2,000,000 travelers per year


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