Flights to Iceland

Airlines flying to Iceland

Icelandic airlines

Two airlines are currently operating in Iceland.

1) Icelandair is your airline if you’re looking for one-stop transatlantic flights.
It dates back to 1937 and currently serves over 2,000,000 travelers per year.

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Icelandair has 35 destinations. Many of them are in Europe, to name few US destinations, they fly to: Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Orlando, New York, Boston and Halifax. Apart from that, they have a destination in Alaska and Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada. See their website for more details.

2) WOWair is the current low-cost airline in Iceland. |
They have 16 destinations, all in Europe. WOWair made its inaugural flight in 2012, 6 months later they aquired the competitor, Iceland Express, making WOWair the only low-cost airline in Iceland. See their website for more details.


Other airlines flying to Iceland

There are foreign airlines that fly scheduled flights to Iceland and some seasonally, preferably in the summer months, those vary from year to year.

1) The British low-cost airline Easy-Jet began flying between Iceland and Manchester in February 2013.

2) The Spanish airline Vueling will be flying between Keflavik airport (Reykjavik) and Barcelona in the summer of 2013.

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3) The Norwegian airline Norwegian is flying scheduled flights to Iceland. Destinations vary, some are in England and Norway but check their website for the most updated information.

4) The Danish leisure airline Primera Air has 12 destinations between Iceland and Europe.

5) The Scandinavian darling, SAS, has a route between Iceland and Oslo, Norway.

Scheduled flights for summer

6) Lufthansa German Airlines

7) Germanwings

8) Air Berlin

9) Transavia France

10) NIKI

11) Air Greenland

12) Delta Air Lines

13) Austrian Airlines

14) Edelweiss Air

15) Travel Service

16) Thomas Cook Airlines
- flights from Brussels to Reykjavík (KEF) in july and august 2013.
The flight takes about 3 hours and 13 minutes.



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